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Home Plans / House Plans

What is home plan and house plan? 

For sure, it is plan for home or plan for house.  But why call it home plan and house plan, and not home drawings and house drawings?  It is probably because most of us put emphasis on the planning of a home and planning of a house.  And in the process of planning of a home or planning of a house, the home floor plan and the house floor plan is at the heart of the exercise.  eg. When we look up houses to buy or to rent, we very much like to look at a floor plan of the house so that we understand the house layout, besides photos of the house.  Likewise, when we plan a new house, we often start with a sketch of the house floor plan because we usually start  with thinking about the location of each of the spaces and how they relate to each other.

Ready made home plans / house plans

Some people look for off-the-shelf ready made home plans or house plans, thinking that it is cheaper this way, and pick home plans which they like to try to put them on blocks that they have.  eg. Try to put a particular project home layout on a block is a typical example.  Most of the time, the chosen home plans will not work for them.  This is because the location, size, orientation, levels, outlook, setting, vegetation and features of each block of land is unique and is different from other blocks.  It is almost impossible to match a ready made home plan or house plan to a particular block in relation to the above factors.

Custom made home plans / house plans

In order to realise the full potential of a site in terms of its location, size, orientation, outlook, setting and other site features, the home plan and the house plan should be designed specifically for the block.  In this case, a good house design will also suppress or hide the drawbacks of a site.  Sometimes, the house design may even turn the drawbacks into good aspects for the home design in a clever way.  This depends on the design skills of the home designer.

Architect designed home plans / house plans

Does an architect designed home plan or house plan mean that it will be more expensive to build?  Not necessarily, if the material used is the same readily available building materials on the market.  It is the way how spaces are composed and arranged to relate to each other that makes a difference.  It is also the way that material is used and put together that makes a home design unique.

Luxury home plans / house plans

Of course, when a design brief calls for it, home architect can also create luxury house design with extraordinary composition, breath-taking space, expensive material and special details.  A luxury house plan or luxury home plan should reflect the difference in luxury home design.

Importance of good home plans / house plans

Homes and houses are for people to live in and for families to grow in.  Home plans and house plans are important tools in home design and house design which shapes our quality of living and our families' well being & growth.  Why?  Because home design and house design can influence the amount of winter sun in a house; the degree of moisture in the internal air; the dampness in the house fabric; the amount of good air exchange; the existence and growth of moulds and microbiological agents; the amount of energy used; the way that occupants relate (or not relate) to nature; the enjoyment of occupants can have in using the spaces in a house; etc, etc.   Is it worthwhile to exchange the long term well-being, health, comfort and sometimes even safety of families for an amount of money perceived as saving in not obtaining good purpose-fit home design by qualified professional architect?

Professional home plans / house plans service

AAPAC DESIGNBUILD provides professional architect designed home plans and house plans service.  We aim to achieve the best architectural design with consideration of the client's budget, client's requirements, client's well being, health and future use of the house building and to achieve the best value for money.   

Home Plans for Council / House Plans for Council

Home plans for council / house plans for council - requirement

When a house development application is submitted to Council, a set of home plans for council and other required documentation have to be included with the application.  For a new house development as example, the DA home plans for council will typically include site location plan, site plan, floor plans, sections, elevations, and roof plan.  Besides, council may also require survey plan, site analysis plan, neighbour notification plan, concept stormwater drainage plan, landscape plan and 3D cad model as part of the DA plans for council.   For almost all DA application for houses or homes, an environmental effect statement  and a Basix certificate are also required.

Home plans for council / house plans for council - addition & alteration project

If the proposed development involves alteration and addition to an existing house, the house plans for council will need to be coloured to illustrate the existing portion and the new work.  The house plans for council will also need to show existing land profile, existing levels and proposed new levels.

Professional home plans for council / house plans for council service

AAPAC DESIGNBUILD assists clients with preparation of house plans for council for planning approval DA application purpose and building approval / construction certificate CC application purpose.   We brief and co-ordinate the house architectural design with the engineering design by structural engineer, hydraulic engineer and landscape designer to compile a full set of house plans for council.  AAPAC DESIGNBUILD has over twenty years of experience in house planning, home design and preparing house plans for council to obtain council approval.


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We provide the following house floor plans and house designs:

House floor plans

house floor plans
luxury house floor plans
single storey house floor plans
double storey house floor plans
2 storey house floor plans
storey house floor plans
house extension floor plans
house renovation floor plans
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Semi floor plans

semi floor plans
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Medium density floor plans

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Semi plans

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Medium density plans

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townhouse plans
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Apartment plans

apartment plans
unit plans
studio plans

Interior plans

bedroom plans
kitchen plans
bathroom plans
furniture plans

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