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AAPAC DESIGNBUILD  can help you to design your residential or commercial building projects.  You do not need to be in Sydney to use our service.  The process usually involves the following simple steps:

1. Site info - you provide us information regarding your site. Ideally, it is a site plan with levels, existing tree location, existing structure, and other significant features.

2. Goal - you describe to us what you would like to achieve.  eg. what is the primary use? how many storeys? rooms? How big? what is the budget?

3. Analysis
- we shall investigate and gather all relevant information relating to your site.  This include authorities requirement, utilities requirement, and site specific factors.  We would analyse the opportunities and the restriction of the site.

4. Concept - you describe to us what you may already have in mind about the concept of the design.  We will design with consideration of your ideas, if they are applicable.

5. Design - the design will be developed in stages.  We shall discuss with you and brief you at every stage.  If you are not in Sydney, we shall have conference with you over the internet or 
VOIP (phone).  We are very good in using internet technology for remote project delivery and keeping the project cost down.

6. 3D - we start 3D at the early stage of developing a design because we would like you to see the design at eye level and understand it as a user.  Although it will only be simple 3D model, it is a very useful tool to allow walk through and seeing what the space is like as in real life.  You will see the 3D on your computer.

7. Drawings - we will prepare all drawings and documentation needed for submission to authorities (Council or Certifier) for approval.  All drawings are done with cad.  Pdf file will be provided for you to use easily.  You do not need to have cad program on your computer to view them and to print them.

All will be done through a dedicated website for your project.  

3D Modelling

Traditional drawings of building design are 2 dimensional.  Plans, sections and elevations have been used for a long time and are still widely used in the building industry to convey design information. However, we do not normally see buildings in 2 dimensions.  We see buildings in 3 dimensions and in perspective.  Our experience of space is based on our perception of the 3 dimensional world in perspective.  To understand a design, especially during development of a concept, the more effective way is to see it in 3D.

As a routine, we develop 3D model of our design to allow clients to understand the design concept and the spatial arrangement.  Even before materials are defined for different surfaces, you as our client can "walk through" the spaces created and "feel" the building and its interiors.

If you have a design done already but you are not sure about its 3 dimensional feel, we can develop a 3D model based on that design and let you verify that it is what you have understood as designed.

For more realistic presentation, we can produce photorealistic rendering of certain 3D view.

We also use 3D model to appraise the change of shadow during different times of a day and seasons.  

FLOOR PLANS AND DESIGNS - buildings & interiors

Commercial Design

highrise office floor plans design,
CBD bank floor plans design,
5 star hotel floor plans design,
upmarket restaurant floor plans design,
retail shop floor plans design,
display showroom floor plans design.

Education Design

college school floor plans design,
lecture classroom floor plans design.

Community Design

Hall & church floor plans design,
Entertainment club floor plans design.

Medical Design

medical clinic floor plans design,
doctor surgery floor plans design,
medical centre floor plans design,
private hospital floor plans design.

Residential Design

luxury house floor plans design,
highrise apartment floor plans design,
ski lodge floor plans design,
apartment unit floor plans design,
group condominium floor plans design,
grand mansions floor plans design,
villa floor plans design,
dual occupancy floor plans design,
townhouse floor plans design,
studio flat floor plans design,
studio apartment floor plans design,
suite bedroom floor plans design,
open kitchen floor plans design,
spa bathroom floor plans design.


We do the following floor plans and designs:

Commercial floor plans

office floor plans design
bank floor plans design
shop floor plans design
showroom floor plans design

Hospitality floor plans

hotel floor plans design
club floor plans design
restaurant floor plans design

Education floor plans

school floor plans design
classroom floor plans design

Community floor plans

church floor plans design
community hall floor plans design

Medical floor plans

clinic floor plans design
surgery floor plans design
medical centre floor plans design
hospital floor plans design

Residential floor plans

house floor plans design
apartment floor plans design
lodge floor plans design
unit floor plans design
condominium floor plans design
mansions floor plans design
villa floor plans design
dual occupancy floor plans design
townhouse floor plans design
studio flat floor plans design
studio apartment floor plans design
bedroom floor plans design
kitchen floor plans design
bathroom floor plans design
furniture floor plans design

If you would like to find out how AAPAC
DESIGNBUILD can help you with your building project, please feel free to ask us questions.  We are able to help no matter where your project is.

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